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Stable Value is a core investment option in defined contribution retirement savings plans.

Stable Value's unique combination of safety, liquidity and yield makes it appealing to diverse markets and investors.


Provide peace of mind for participants with guarantees of both principal and accumulated earnings


Allow for participant daily transactions and benefit-responsive payments


Balance yield volatility to deliver guaranteed returns

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529 Plans: Assessing the Stable Value Option

Should you be looking at making stable value the conservative investment option in your 529 plan? Almost certainly.

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Expanding the case for stable value

Research from Prudential sheds light on why some plan sponsors still haven't added Stable Value funds to their investment lineup and provides a road map to greater consideration and adoption.

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Unlocking retirement planning basics for millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce yet more than half have not started saving for retirement. How can we help ensure that they will be retirement ready when the time comes? The answer may lie, in part, in stable value funds.

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529 college savings plans and stable value

Stable Value has long played an important role in the retirement savings market. Stable Value’s benefits also extend to college savings plans, whether used as an age-based, risk-based or individual option.

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