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Prudential is committed to the Stable Value market through challenging times and all economic cycles.

Prudential is one of the nation’s top managers of Stable Value assets:

Industry leader in the defined contribution retirement market, providing solutions to individuals and institutions

Manages more than $120 billion in total Stable Value account values1

Offering Stable Value to a wide range of markets including 529 plans, bank-owned life insurance, IRAs and more

Provides guarantees through highly rated Prudential Financial companies2

Stable Value's unique combination of safety, liquidity and yield makes it appealing to diverse markets and investors.

Prudential's Stable Value solutions for the BOLI market

Learn how Prudential's stable value wrap solutions are delivering increased flexibility to the bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) market and valuable benefits to its policyholders.

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Stable Value: A multipurpose investment option

A concise overview of the asset class, including what Stable Value is, how it works, and its key differentiators from other fixed income asset classes.

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It’s the right time to be in Stable Value

Prudential's Stable Value products deliver key benefits in all market environments.

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